Keep the Holiday Season Safe with Proper Equipment

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You may remember back in April when we made a little announcement about step ladders. Right around that time, we unveiled that the Levelok Leveler Kit can be used on fiberglass stepladders. Levelok meets the recently published, ANSI A14.8 Ladder Accessories Standard, … Read More

Heading Back to the NW SolarFest Expo

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Today we are participating again at the NW Solar Fest at Shoreline Community College. You may remember last year, when we participated in the expo for the first time. This year, the Levelok van will be in the booth, demonstrating … Read More

National Safety Month

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As the last day in June, we’d like to reflect on National Safety Month, now coming to a close. However, we don’t want safety to ever be absent from your mind. So here we’d like to show you some of … Read More

Fun times at Team Summit in Texas

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We had a great time at Team Summit this past week! Thank you to DISH Network for putting on such a great event for so many people. It’s always great to share information on ladder safety, and this year we had even … Read More

Great News for Step Ladder Users

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On the American Ladder Institute website, it says: “A Stepladder requires level ground support for all four of its side rails.” Where this condition does not exist, Levelok is very proud to provide the answer. The Levelok Leveler Kit can … Read More