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Beating the Odds in a Tough Industry

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You may or may not be aware that there are a new set of safety standards now in force throughout the industry — the ANSI (American National Standards Instritute), A14.8 Ladder “Accessory” Standard. We are excited to announce that Levelok products meet, or beat, this recently published standard.

This is the first-of-its-kind in North America and was created by the ladder manufacturing industry to help flush out the many inferior, unsafe products that were appearing on the market.

The new, ANSI A14.8 Standard, directed at only Ladder Accessories or Attachments, was in draft form for nearly 20 years before finally becoming a reality. Many of Levelok’s products were engineered, from their early days, utilizing this draft version as a guideline. This policy helped Levelok to quickly measure up to these new Accessory Standards when they were finally adopted and published in 2013.

This attitude has helped keep the Levelok wheels of progress moving without missing a beat. An example can be seen in the Levelok Quick Connect Leveling System. It was originally designed and engineered to be used with the multitude of heavy, bulky articulating ladders, such as the Little Giant, Werner MT, Jaws, and many more, entering the market back in the early 2000s. The Levelok (KeyLok) System now fits ALL of these ladders, while at the same time meeting the new, tough ANSI Accessory Standard, up to and including a Type 1AA, 375 pound duty rating!

You can bet that the new safety standard was scrutinized, analyzed and ultimately adopted for a very good reason: to help our fellow workers, friends and family remain as safe as possible when using a ladder in the 21st century.

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