Yes, the KeyLok, Quick Connect Ladder Leveling System meets the ANSI A14.8 2013 Standards for Ladder Accessories.  It has been tested with Type 1A and Type 1AA Fiberglass Step Ladders, on both the climbing, and non-climbing side of the ladder.  You can see 4 minute installation videos for both of these ladders on the Quick Connect Leveling System page of our website.

The AL has a shorter bolt than the SL model. The AL model comes with threaded bolt ends (pre-installed, pressed to fit) that are 7/8″ in length, made for installation on standard aluminum and fiberglass ladder rails that are no more than 1/2″ in thickness. The SL model comes with threaded bolt ends that are 1-5/16″ long, made for installation on ladder rails that are no more than 15/16″ in thickness.

The permanent mount style, LL-STB-1AL and LL-STB-1SL, are sold in pairs of 2 ladder levelers with threaded studs on the back of the leveler. These are designed to replace the stock ladder shoes to become the permanent, adjustable ladder legs and shoes. **The KeyLok style, LL-STB-2QC and LL-STB-1QC, are sold in singles of either 1 ladder leveler (1QC) or 1 leveler with 2 base units (2QC). Base units must be attached to the ladder permanently to enable quick attachment or detachment of Levelok ladder levelers. This leveling system is designed to enable the ladder user more options and to minimize weight and bulk on ladders that are already heavy and aukward. This system enables the user to quickly attach 1 or 2 ladder levelers when needed or to quickly detach 1 or 2 levelers from one ladder and / or attach them to another ladder.

No. A warranty only covers manufacturing defects, usually for parts and labor and only for a specified period of time from date of purchase. Levelok provides a 1 year warranty for all its products and this covers parts and labor. If product is believed to be defective, and requires warranty servicing, please send defective product, along with proof of purchase, to Levelok Corporation, 21425 Urdahl Rd NW, Poulsbo, WA 98370.

It depends on the product and how it is installed. Each one of our products has a duty rating or a load rating. If the product is installed per Levelok’s instructions the duty or load rating will remain as stated in the instructions and specifications on our website and inside the packaging. If the product is installed differently than spelled out in Levelok’s installation instructions the duty rating may be reduced.