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Happy New Year ~ 2017

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As 2016 draws to a close, let us reflect on our achievements and all that lies ahead.

Early this year, we exhibited at the 2016 Team Summit Expo organized by DISH. Levelok Safety Products were front and center, with our ladder leveling system showcased on all of Dish’s ladders, right on top of the DISH van, as an integral part of their standardized equipment. It was an excellent show this year in Washington, D.C., with a huge turnout and higher than average interest in safety solutions. Levelok Equipment continues to be the #1 choice among satellite, cable and telecom industries.

Then, we had the absolute privilege to announce that Menards Home Stores are now an official carrier of Levelok safety equipment! The Keylok Quick Connect can now be purchased at any of the 300 plus stores across the United States or online at www.menards.com. Menards is a family-owned home improvement store established in 1958. They are remembered for their slogan “Save BIG Money” but quality is not something they forsake. Levelok continues to increase their footprint of dealers and distributors worldwide, leading the ladder safety industry, and is now included among Menards quality products.

We also teamed up with @MarkHomeExpert who produced a couple of nice videos about Levelok products on his YouTube channel. See them here and here.

In the Fall, we were exhibiting at NW SolarFest in Seattle, Washington. The theme this year was Think Globally, Act Locally. The Shoreline Solar Project is behind the expo which has the mission to “build a better future through sustainability, renewable energy, and common sense solutions.”

Then, we were at the National Safety Council (NSC) expo in Anaheim, California. We had a great time meeting new people and sharing the latest in ladder safety innovation.

And, finally, the biggest news of our year was the KeyLok Ladder Leveling System passing the tough new ANSI ladder accessory requirements for step ladders. We had completed extensive ANSI load testing of the KeyLok, Quick Connect Leveling System on a variety of industrial grade fiberglass Step Ladders, up to a Type 1AA, 375 pound duty rating. The results were 100% successful. This type of accessory implementation is new to the industry, thanks to the recent publication of ANSI A14.8 Safety Requirements for Ladder Accessories, which were crafted to help provide safe solutions for companies and individuals using portable ladders on a regular basis. It is the first-ever set of Safety Standards for Ladder Accessories in North America.

Well, as you can see, it’s been quite a year, and we are very proud of all that has happened. Thank you to all of you who have helped make it happen. Here’s to a bright, beautiful and safe 2017!


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  1. Andy Bull
    | Reply

    so I have done literally 100’s of ladder safety classes. A definition of a step ladder is a free standing ladder that does not require the support of another surface and must be used on a firm level surface. This is Cal OSHA’s definition of a step ladder

    Step Ladder. A step ladder is a self-supporting portable ladder, nonadjustable in length, having flat steps and a hinged back. Its size is designated by the overall length of the ladder measured along the front edge of the side rails.

    The part that I would think would be an issue is the non adjustable in length. Are you able to send me a copy of the ANSI 14.8 requirements for ladder accessories.

    • Julie Brinker
      | Reply

      Regarding commercial and industrial grade ladders, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is known to be the primary organization for establishing ladder regulations in the USA. OSHA has their own set of ladder standards. Our experience has shown that OSHA’s Ladder Standards and load criteria are not as tough as the ANSI Standards. Other than that, in regard to your question, we cannot speculate.

      The first ever Ladder Accessory Standard in the US was published in 2013. In this new standard, the committee decided to include testing criteria for step ladders with levelers because the demand for this type of set-up has been evident for many years. Levelok, as a ladder accessories manufacturer, receives calls frequently from people asking about levelers for many types of ladders. Unsafe situations relating to step ladders on sloped or uneven surfaces is simply a fact of life. The ANSI committee made a decision to stop ignoring this problem.

      Levelok first responded to this demand back in 2005 when the KeyLok, Quick Connect Leveling System was first developed. Originally, it was designed for MultiLadders and Articulating ladders. These ladders tend to be somewhat heavy, awkward and bulky. The KeyLok System provided a leveler for these ladders without adding significant weight or bulk. It was a matter of time before the ladder standards community accepted problems associated with step ladders and created the vessel for a solution. That vessel is the recently published, Ladder Accessory Standard, ANSI A14.8. This new standard makes it possible, for the first time in US history, to adequately test many of the most common types of accessories used on various types of ladders, up to a Type 1AA, 375 pound duty rating.

      In June of 2016, Levelok conducted load testing, per the recently published, ANSI Accessory Standards, on 2 types of step ladders; the Werner 6200 Series, Type 1A, 300 pound duty rated, fiberglass Step Ladder,…. and the Werner 7300 Series, Type 1AA, 375 pound duty rated, fiberglass Step ladder. The KeyLok Ladder Leveling System was attached and tested in accordance with the various loads, configurations and positions specified by ANSI. Our tests were 100% successful. Installation videos for these 2 ladders, as well as the Werner MT Series Aluminum MultLadder, will be up on our website and on Youtube by the end of January.

      Anyone wishing to receive installation instructions for any of these ladders can contact Levelok and we will be happy to provide them.

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