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How to Re-Purpose Your Ladder

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Ever wonder what to do with your old trusty ladder when it has gotten a little bit too old to be trusty? Maybe it’s time to give it a second life.

People have become very creative in using and re-using various things. This is especially necessary if you live in a smaller place, however the real question we should be asking is “How do you maxim022268a31f9f142aa008bbab50a97815ize on the space you live in… and on a budget?”

Ladders provide a really nice trick for this. Hang them from the ceiling.

The style of your décor would determine if you would want to use an aluminum or fiberglass or a wooden ladder. The possibilities are endless.

Hang one in the kitchen. Pots and pans are the worst space consumers in a kitchen. You usually store them in a low cabinet and the one you want is usually shoved all the way back. They’re also impossible to reach after a long, hard day at work. The remedy for this is to hang a ladder above the sink or by a window or even above an island. Preferably where your head won’t be. Attach hooks to the ladder rungs for the pots and pans to now hang from. Of course, with the money you just saved on using a ladder for this remodeling project, you can get a nice set of pots and pans that you are happy to show off in the kitchen.b1ccf05cf58ca62de00a8282a889531e

e1aacdf1382d142fac9f75ee86dec4d9Another use can be a hanging herb garden or a flower bed. If you have a large window in your house, place a ladder in front of it. Get pots that will fit inside the spaces between the rungs. You can grow whatever plants you like, such as creating an herb garden, or common vegetables that you and your family enjoy eating. If you are really ambitious, hook the whole ladder to a pulley system. That way you can lower it when you want some herbs and raise it back up and out of the way when done.

Let us know if you have any other ideas for re-purposing old ladders. We always love seeing more and we’ll showcase them on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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    These five great ways to repurpose a ladder with some clever out-of-the-box ideas to reduce waste, save some money and show your personality. If you have other ideas on how to repurpose a ladder, we want to hear them!

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