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Keep the Holiday Season Safe with Proper Equipment

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You may remember back in April when we made a little announcement about step ladders. Right around that time, we unveiled that the Levelok Leveler Kit can be used on fiberglass stepladders. Levelok meets the recently published, ANSI A14.8 Ladder Accessories Standard, as an “After Market” leveling system for Stepladders….”After Market” being an accessory that is purchased separately from the ladder purchase. We’ve been receiving an ever increasing number of calls from stepladder users asking about this option.

Approved for Step Ladders! Ladder Leveler Stabilizer (KeyLok Quick Connect Style)

Now what does this mean for the holiday season? Well, you use step ladders all the time around the house during the holidays. From hanging lights and decorating to cleaning hard to reach corners before family arrives, you’ll be reaching for those step ladders. Then where you’ve found yourself on uneven ground and could use a leg-up, so to speak, that’s when our Levelok Leveler Kit really comes in handy. If you need one, don’t hesitate. Safety is the best practice during the holidays, and at any time of the year.

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