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Ladder Safety: Ladder Guards

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When you talk about ladder safety you always should think about safety for the intended user. You need to make sure the legs are level, that you keep 3 points of contact with the ladder, and keep the proper angle with the structure you are leaning against. Even just one inch of uneven ground can be disastrous for a 20 foot ladder… but how about safety for that not-so-much-intended user?

While working, you never know when you will need a tool you didn’t take with you or need a break to get a drink. For whatever purpose, you will want to come back down and leave momentarily. This is the moment the unintended user may come in. You never know when a child could come wandering along. Kids are curious and also like to climb… and they will. All of your preparation to be safe is now lost on a user who doesn’t know how to take proper safety measures.

Here at Levelok Corporation, we have a ladder guard to help deter unwanted guests from using an unattended ladder. The guard is 12” x 6′ that wraps around the lower five feet of the ladder to ensure nobody climbs up the ladder while you are away. This is a very simple preventative measure that will reduce headaches and heartaches. The guard is also fire retardant and UV resistant.

For safety purposes, whenever you are going to leave a ladder unattended, either take it down or simply put up the ladder guard. Happy climbing!




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