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Levelok Corporation Featured at Upcoming National Safety Council Expo

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It has been a whirlwind of a year for Levelok Corporation, which has been celebrating its 20th anniversary with a series of events and new opportunities. At the end of September, Levelok will take part in the National Safety Council Expo.


According to the National Safety Council (NSC), nearly 11 Americans die on the job every day. So NSC is bringing together thousands of businessmen and women who work to make safety their top priority. Among them, Levelok Corporation works specifically to help prevent accidents related to ladders.

According to the CDC, “Falls remain a leading cause of unintentional injury mortality nationwide, and 43% of fatal falls in the last decade have involved a ladder.” So ladder safety needs to be made a priority.

Phil Lanzafame, President and CEO of Levelok, says, “The National Safety Council provides an excellent opportunity for all of us in the safety sector to come together, learn from one another and develop even better ways to provide the safest possible work environments across the globe.”

Levelok is the leading ladder safety equipment manufacturer in the world. Its products are state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, user-friendly and reliable and include Stabilizers, Leveling Systems, Standouts, Tie downs and Ladder Carrying Equipment for reducing shoulder and back injuries.

Levelok can be seen at the National Safety Council Expo from Sept 28-30 in Atlanta, GA. For more information please visit levelok.com.

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