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Levelok Ladder Safety – Ladder Slip Prevention

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While reading an article about ladder safety from Culture of Safety, the comments were very intriguing. Over a quarter of the comments were about a ladder slipping out from under the person. This is not usually what you hear about in ladder safety tips. There have to be better prevention methods on this point.


The first point we need to look at is the proper use of the ladder shoe. Before getting started, you need to know what kind of surface you are working on. For smooth surfaces, you will want to use the rubber tread. This will prevent the ladder from slipping. Always inspect the grips before using. Just like your shoes, the rubber can wear down, which causes the grip to not work as well. Don’t worry, we’ve thought of this already. With Levelok Corp. ladder levelers, we offer replacement shoes to keep the grip fresh. In fact you never know what accidents could happen, such as oil spilling on the shoes while at a site. Quickly replace the shoe and you are good to go.


An additional safety measure is to nail the ladder down through the hole in the foot. That would definitely help prevent slipping.


For grass or dirt surfaces, the shoe should be able to rotate to a side with spikes on the bottom. The spikes will dig into the ground keeping the ladder from slipping. Simple, yet effective.


The next point is not what you would typically think of. A ladder safety strap is a very important preventative tool. A strap at the top of a ladder not only helps prevent a ladder from falling backward but it can prevent a ladder that slips by giving it another anchor. Of course, you should use another lower ladder tie down if possible.


Check out all of the possible tie downs at https://www.levelok.com/product-category/tie-downs/ for more ideas on how to check a ladder secure.

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