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LeveLok Quick Connect Fits Major Ladder Brands

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In recent months, we’ve had several questions about whether the LeveLok Quick Connect Leveling System will fit all of the new multi-function ladders coming onto the market. Let us assure you — it fits just about any ladder on Earth.

Due to its unique, patented design, this product will fit all types of ladders, including articulating, or multi-ladders, such as the Little Giant Classic, Revolution, Megamax, Alta One, Velocity, Lunar, Werner MT, Louisville L-2094, Jaws, and more. These are all at the top of a long list of ladders that are approved for use with the Quick Connect System because they tend to be heavy and bulky. As a matter of fact, Levelok initially developed this system, back in 2004, specifically for these types of ladders because of the problems associated with carrying and using heavy, awkward ladders. The added weight of levelers makes them even heavier. There was no way around that, other than to provide a new product that could easily and safely snap on or off of these ladders in a few seconds.

The Levelok QC System keeps the additional weight and bulk of an accessory off the ladder until it is needed, while meeting all North American Ladder Standards, including the ANSI A14.2, A14.10 and the new, recently published, A14.8 Standard for Ladder Accessories. This means you can now attach the Levelok QC System on almost any ladder, up to and including a 375 pound, Type 1AA Duty Rating and feel confident you are using a product that is both safe and time tested. The original leveler has been on the market and used by thousands of power, construction, cable, telecom and other contractors since 1995. Long-time customers include Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner, Cablevision, Rogers Cable, Direct TV, Werner Co, Louisville Ladder Group, Cuprum, Featherlite, Lynn Ladder, Gorilla Ladders and many more.

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