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Levelok Featured in Paint Contractor Magazine

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If you’re up on a ladder that’s “doing the wobble,” you’ll mostly worry about falling off rather than getting the job done. A safe and steady ladder system will let you concentrate on painting “on high” faster and more accurately—with peace of mind t’boot!

That’s where the LeveLok Safety Combo Kit comes in. It’s tough and lightweight, easy to move and store, and you’ll look on top of your game moving around the factory with your pro-lookin’ rig. The LeveLok Ladder Safety Combo kit includes a 16’ lightweight aluminum extension ladder (type 11, 225 pound duty rated), Quick Connect (KeyLok) Leveling System, Quick Connect Standout System, Quick Latch Rung Locks, and ProGrip End Caps.

Find out more about the complete safety combo kit from Paint Contractor Magazine: PaintContractor

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