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Ladder Safety Strap Stabilizer for Lower Ladder


  • 1 Ladder Safety Strap – Florescent Orange
  • Installation Instructions
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A conventional extension ladder is a marvelous tool, but it was not designed to set up on something round – especially something as small
as a utility pole. Unfortunately, workers in the utility and cable industries are forced to set their ladders up against poles on a daily basis. It’s a dangerous situation that can easily result in a “kickout”. Use the longer straps for securing the mid section of the ladder and the smaller straps to secure the top.

Model LSS-150-OR, LSS-150-BK, LSS-150-ORH

The LeveLok Ladder Safety Strap consists of a long, durable polyester strap with easy-to-use snap rings and cam buckles. The swivel buckle clips to a solid D-ring, enabling a quick and easy way to secure the strap to any ladder without damaging the rail. Only the soft webbing comes into contact with the rails. The strap is wrapped one full turn around the pole and both sides are snugged down, stabilizing the ladder.

With the LeveLok Ladder Safety Strap properly installed, side rail movement is limited to a maximum of 3 inches. And it takes less than a minute to set up!

Note: Strap is available in fluorescent orange or black.
(Mesh storage bag sold separately, see Accessories)

Quantity pricing available on request.
Alternative Search Terms: Stabilizer, Tie Down, Safety Strap, Ladder Cinch.

LSS-150:  Specifications   LSS-150:  Especificaciones

Standards Compliance – Meets all ANSI and OSHA requirements for ladders up to Type 1AA, 375 pound duty rating.   Conformidad de los Estandares – Reuniones todos los requisitos del ANSI y del OSHA par alas escales hasta un tipo 1AA, grada de 375 libras.

Ladder Compatibility – Can be used on most aluminum, wood and fiberglass extension ladders.  Compatibilidad de la Escala – Puede ser usado en la mayor parte de aluminio, madera y escaleras extensiblees de fibra de vidrio.

Installation Method – Attaches to ladder rails between 4th and 5th ladder rung by looping snap / swivel buckle around rail and clipping to D-Ring.   El Método de Instalación – Ata a carriles de escala entre la 4a y 5a escala tocada por el chasquido de colocación / giran la hebilla alrededor del carril y prendiendo al D-anillo.

Webbing Material
– Polyester (colors may vary) with 4,100 pound breaking strength   Material de Webbing – Poliester (los colores pueden variar) con la rotura de 4,700 libras Fuerza

Threads – Heavy duty polyester  with a 3,000 pound breaking strength.    Hilos – trabajo pesado poliester con 3,000 libras que rompen fuerza

Weight per unit –  Each strap weighs  1 pound, 3.5 ounces.   El peso por unidad – Cada correa (sin el bolso de almacenaje) pesa 1 libra, 3.5 onzas.

Warranty – 12 months parts and labor for manufacturing defects.   Garantia – 12 meses, porciones y trabajos para los defectos de produccion.

Each unit includes:    Cada unidad contiene:
•    1 Ladder Safety Strap     1 Correa de Seguridad de Escala
•    Installation Instructions      Instrucciones de Instalación

Download Instructions

Download Brochure (PDF — 673KB)