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Ladder Stabilizer Standoff Brackets with Silicone Elbows (Sold in Pairs) Complete Kit


Ladder Stabilizer Standoff Brackets with Silicone Elbows
Levelok Ladder Stabilizer and Standoff Bracket
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Can be attached to extension ladders with open rungs having an inside diameter of 1” or greater. Now with Creased Ends that enable these to be attached to ladders with rivets inside rungs. Now fit a wider range of D-rung and O-rung extension ladders.

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Weighing in at only 19 ounces per bracket, these sturdy aluminum standoffs can be attached to most extension ladders by simply compressing the two bracket ends and slipping them into the rung openings having an inside diameter of 1 inch or greater. They are held securely in place by the tension and angle of the bracket. To detach them, just compress and slide out. If you’re looking for a standout stabilizer that will fit in a smaller space, and a smaller budget, you’ll find it in our aluminum Standoffs.

  1. Protects gutters, siding, walls and windows
  2. Spans 12” beyond each side of the ladder and a standoff distance of 12” from the support surface
  3. Exceptional stability for the top of the ladder, minimizing lateral movement & rocking.
  4. Non-marring, heavy duty, textured, silicone elbows – Grips most surfaces tightly, providing superior surface protection while helping to prevent side slippage.
  5. Meets all ANSI and OSHA requirements for ladders and accessories up to Type 1A, 300 pound duty rating.

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ST-ORS-3:  Specifications   ST-ORS-3: Especificaciones

Standards Compliance – Meets all ANSI and OSHA requirements for ladders up to Type 1A, 300 pound duty rating.   Conformidad de los Estandares – Reuniones todos los requisitos del ANSI y del OSHA par alas escales hasta un tipo 1A, grada de 300 libras.

Ladder Compatibility – Fits most aluminum and fiberglass, extension ladders with open D or O rung holes on outside of ladder rail.  Hole must be a minimum of 1″ in diameter.  Compatibilidad de la Escala – Ajustes la mayoria de la extension del aluminio y de la fibra de vidrio.

Installation Method – Attaches to ladder rail without fasteners.  To attach, press 2 bracket ends in, toward each other, slide ends into rung holes and release.    Método de la instalación –  Agregados al carril de la escala sin los sujetadores.  Para atar, presione 2 extremos del soporte en, hacia uno a, extremos de la diapositiva en los agujeros del peldaño y lanzamiento.

Bracket material – 6061-T6 aluminum tube, 31/32″ outside diameter.   Material del soporte – 6061-T6 tubo de aluminio, 31/32″ diámetro exterior.

Bracket weight – Each bracket weighs 19 ounces    Cada soporte pesa 19 onzas

– 12 months parts and labor for manufacturing defects.   Garantia – 12 meses, porciones y trabajos para los defectos de produccion.

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    Heavy Duty Silicone Replacement Elbows (Sold in Pairs)

    A Heavy Duty, Textured, Silicone rubber elbow that can be easily installed onto any Levelok Open Rung Standout Bracket. Thick, durable silicone rubber material will provide superior, extended life on almost any surface. These replacement elbows come in pairs.

    $19.99 Add to cartSKU: ST-ORS-3XL-RE2
  • Replacement Elbow
    Replacement Elbow For Standout Brackets (Sold in Pairs)

    The EPDM cushioned rubber foam that covers the bends provides a smooth, gripping surface that not only offers superior surface protection, but fights against side slippage as well. These replacement elbows come in pairs.

    $6.99 Add to cartSKU: ST-ORS-3RW

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 4 in