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Resolution: Ladder Safety First

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man on ldder at the moonWishing you all a happy New Year and a bright, cheerful 2016!

This time of year is of course the time to look ahead and set goals and resolutions. Let’s make one of them safety. Not your average resolution — most people resolve to diet, exercise more or make more money. Well, let’s embrace something a little more meaningful with this year’s resolution. Let’s tell more people about safe practices for the workplace and help our friends and co-workers more often.

Levelok has as its focus, ladder safety. We produce products to make ladder work not only completely safe, but effective. You could cut out risk and time wasted by planning ahead with the right safety equipment.

So here is the deal: our New Year’s resolution is to spread the word about ladder safety, but we need your help. Help the people you know with maintaining safe working conditions and promote a safe workplace for everyone.

Cheers to 2016!



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