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Spring showers? No fun for ladders

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Spring is coming, and so is the rain. This is great for growth and flowers, but not so much for doing outside work. Over the next few weeks you may find yourself waiting, watching the rain come down, until it finally lets up enough so you can get outside to work on your big project before summer. Time to grab your ladder, head outside and get to work!

Hold on a minute. This is not the safest time to set up a ladder. Heavy rain brings muddy ground… the absolute worst thing to put a ladder on. One foot could easily sink down an inch or more and then you are in trouble. One inch could be disastrous.

How are you going to handle this? The simplest thing would be to let the ground dry. However, this is not an option when the sunny days are few and far between. Your next option is to make the ground solid. This doesn’t mean turning the ground into concrete or a brick walkway, but you can put a solid surface on top of the ground. Think safety first. You want the surface wide enough for the ladder’s feet to be safely on top of it. A 2×12 could be adequate or even a sturdy piece of plywood. The wider the platform, the more evenly your weight will be distributed along the surface of the ground and the less likely there will be any sudden drops into the ground.

Even with all of these extra precautions, your platform may still get wet. This is why it is good to always keep the feet of your ladder in good condition. Levelok Corp. has thought of everything for ladder safety and offers replacement feet for the leveler system. Also the feet are made with a super-high-grip rubber tread, to make it that much safer for you.

Happy Spring!

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  1. Garret Okui
    | Reply

    Can I get the levelok wet? It’s a chore in Hawaii to keep storing the ladder every time it rains.

    • Julie Brinker
      | Reply

      Hey Garret! Yes, the Levelok leveling system is designed and manufactured to handle the outdoor weather, incluidng rail, snow, sleet, etc., with corrosion resistant materials.

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