Gene Barbetta

Mirage Window Cleaning |

“My very first time using my new LeveLok Ladder Stabilizer, I was amazed. I’ve never experienced being able to go up my window-cleaning ladder with such a solid base—rock solid.

“Window cleaning ladders are much less wide than regular ladders, and the top section comes to a point, or upside-down letter ‘V’, and I lean on that ‘V’ on the corner of the window frame—that is not much bearing. Yet with my LeveLoks, my ladder is very stable and safe. My ladders are just 14 inches wide, so with the LeveLoks attached I get 5 extra inches of real stability—2-1/2 inches on each side.

“For years, I’ve been using rocks, wood—whatever was available—you know, because we have all done it. Then I’d go up the ladder and be real jittery, worrying if I was gonna survive this feat. I need all my attention on my work. The higher I went, the more scared I’d be. That’s no way to make a living.

“Well, the days of rocks and wood and props are gone. I’m working safer—I do a better job—I’m better focused… I’ll never be without LeveLoks again!”

Gene Barbetta