Hans Mugler

Publisher/President Mugler Publications, Inc. | The Paint Dealer magazine | The Paint Contractor magazine |

Dear Phil & Kelle,

I wanted to take the time to write to you folks regarding my complete and total satisfaction with the product you sent to me, your Ladder Leveler (KeyLok® Quick Connect Style) full kit. I may be the Publisher of two fine, B-to-B trade publications for the paint & sundries industry, but as I write this letter, I am wearing my DIY homeowner/handyman hat.

I have used many typical levelers in the past… bricks, rocks, a 2×4, even a steel garden pot, but they never gave me the feeling of “safety” that your LeveLok Corporation product gives me now! The product was easy to install, although the long list of instructions was a little daunting to review at first. After the installation onto a 30’+ Louisville Extension Ladder, I realized that all the instruction was completely necessary due to the fact that there are so many different types and styles of ladders out there, and your company has to be sure that the product can be installed on almost, if not all types of ladders out there. In the one box, I was very impressed to see that your tech folks have thought of just about every issue that may arise with installation, and addressed it with the proper items and such that would be needed for whatever type of ladder the product was going to be attached to… even down to the tiny tube of Super Glue! You just don’t find that type of commitment with most American-made products today.

On my 30’+ extension ladder, I was up on a tree about 60’ off the ground (and I don’t care for heights) but knowing that the ladder, placed on a very uneven slope, was not wobbling around under my weight, gave me the confidence to tackle my tree issue and saved me upwards of $1000 in having to hire an actual tree crew to remove the dead tree.

I also have been online looking at your various products, and even saw a beautiful brochure in the box with the Leveler that detailed many other fantastic product offerings from your company, and all I can say is that I am very impressed!

I am personally thanking you for the product you sent to me, and for having what I feel, is the best, the safest ladder leveling product on the market!

Best of luck!


Hans Mugler