Robert Faulkner

Renton, Washington | President American of Cable Services, Inc. |

Dear LeveLok,

As a manager who cares deeply about safety conditions involving our employees I wanted to take the time to praise your LeveLok Ladder Leveler.

Ladders are an every day tool for our employees. Basically a job within our company is rarely completed without working on heights above twenty feet on public right of ways that include all forms of terrain.

Due to a couple of on-the-job injuries that can be associated to unleveled working conditions involving 28-foot span ladders, we realized as a company we needed to make some immediate changes that would assure our employees’ safety and help limit state industrial claims. After considerable investigation on the part of our safety controller, we decided to test your ladder leveler. He claims he chose your product due to the user-friendly operations and the overall design that assured it could hold up to the every day stress of our demanding industry. He also mentioned it was a bonus that installation of the levelers was a breeze.

Well, I am proud to say that Randy, “company safety controller”, made the right decision. Our employees love the fact the levelers make their job safer and easier on a daily basis, and our Industrial claims due to ladder mishaps have decreased immensely.

To this date we order all ladders with the LeveLok Ladder Levelers and are in the process of updating over 200 company ladders with your product. At the same time I highly recommend your product to any individual/company that truly believes in Industrial safety for their employees.

Keep up the good work.

Robert Faulkner