Phil, Hello. I’m just a homeowner not a company, but I have 2 pairs of Leveloks on my Werner fiber glass extension ladders and they have served me well for… Read More

Tom Foertsch

Phil, Rec’d the standoff & tried it on my low-pitched roof (3:12) this morning. Worked exactly as you described with at least 1″ clearance from the gutter (see photos) with… Read More

Dennis Asato - Potomac, MD

“If I had your levelers last year, I would not have broken my arm. My broken arm, falling from four feet, hitting the lower step of the ladder, cost… Read More

Dave Waller - Omaha, NE

Love the dolly, now even my nine year old daughter can now move my 28′ ladder. Thanks, Richard C. Bowen Read More

Richard C. Bowen

Dear Phil & Kelle, I wanted to take the time to write to you folks regarding my complete and total satisfaction with the product you sent to me, your Ladder… Read More

Hans Mugler

To Whom This May Concern: I thought it necessary to take a moment out of my day to thank your company for providing us with such a fine and beneficial… Read More

Tim Staley

Dear LeveLok, As a manager who cares deeply about safety conditions involving our employees I wanted to take the time to praise your LeveLok Ladder Leveler. Ladders are an every day… Read More

Robert Faulkner - Renton, Washington

“I like a lot. The things I like most about them are how I get more control out of them and they are very easy to use…. Read More

John Reid

“I recently purchased the LeveLok Leveling System, and I just want to tell you guys that you’ve got one hell of a product there. It literally cut 2 or… Read More

Justin Lefevre

“My very first time using my new LeveLok Ladder Stabilizer, I was amazed. I’ve never experienced being able to go up my window-cleaning ladder with such a solid base—rock… Read More

Gene Barbetta

Overall, on a scale of 1-10: “a 10+” David Johnson Note: Before his recent promotion to his supervisory position, David participated in the Field Trials for several months as… Read More

David Johnson

“The post lock on made me feel safer and saved time restoring… Read More

Guy Recht

“Very safe, good sturdy footing, lightweight and easy to use. They are a lot better than any other device such as bricks, shims or wedges that I have used…. Read More

Steve Doyle

” like how easy it is to use. You don’t have to keep lifting the ladder to get it adjusted. Eliminates rocking. I felt pretty safe and it didn’t… Read More

Lucy Guarcello

“These are very easy to use, and safe. I used to use the type with only a thin, round base and round feet, and it was ‘wobbley’ when extended…. Read More

David Black

” are smooth to move up and down. Give you more stability. You don’t have to worry about having the wedge slip or having one of the… Read More

Phillip C. Mills

“The other brand wore out too fast (3 sets in 10 years). The LeveLoks adjusted easily, set up time is better, and they always work. It’s the… Read More

Dale Swearingen

“I liked not having to horse around with the ladder feet. It was nice to be able to lower only one side. Per ladder setup, it saved about 5-10… Read More

David Johnson

“Well balanced. Saved 5 minutes per use.” Edwin Ortiz Read More

Edwin Ortiz

“More secure, more stable and square with the pole. Gives you a feeling of safety.” Eloy Silvas Read More

Eloy Silvas

“Easier to set up levels. One step adjustment with no ‘sticking’ or readjustment. Nothing could be easier. Made me less irritated doing the job, because I didn’t need to… Read More

Roger Johnson

“Felt safer, makes the ladder more square with the pole when climbing. Easy to level with a foot, and easy to release and ‘unlevel’ with a hand when back… Read More

Josh McDonald

“Will operate on any surface. I don’t need to keep moving the ladder feet around on the ground, so that the top favors left or right. Makes life easier… Read More

Patrick Cichocki

“You have more control over the ladder in the upright position. The biggest part I enjoy about it is that they lock into the position that you set. You… Read More

Mitch Tucker

“I feel like they’re safe.” Eddie Alford Read More

Eddie Alford - Sprint Technician

“Originally I didn’t want them put on my ladder. Now I’d like to keep them.” Gary Weigert Read More

Gary Weigert

“Simple Plain Jane. Quick and easy.” Dan Pinch Read More

Dan Pinch