A Special Message to Utility and Telecommunications Companies

As a manager or buyer for a utility company, a telecommunications company or a governmental organization, you have an awesome responsibility: to select products and services that will add to your company’s bottom line, make your company more productive, and make optimum use of its resources.

When it comes to buying tools for your company, that means choosing tools that not only get the job done, but that will also stand up to the rigors of everyday use. Tools that promote safety on the job and lessen the chance of costly, on-the-job injuries. Tools that are easy to use and require little or no employee training. Tools that can be economically repaired when necessary, significantly reducing replacement costs.

Our mission at LeveLok is to provide the safest, most productive and most reliable ladder safety products available today. To most people, ladder safety is a mundane subject. At LeveLok it’s our passion.

Safety First, Last and Always

The LL-STB-1 ladder leveler/stabilizer is a primary example. Invented by a building contractor to provide safe footing for workers on virtually any job site, the LL-STB-1 has proven itself again and again to TV cable companies and other utilities: The LeveLok units provide the safest ladder legs under any worker.

Each year, millions of dollars are paid out in compensation for ladder-related accidents – accidents that cost companies both in time lost and increased insurance premiums. Accidents that many times could have been prevented if our levelers and other safety products had been installed on those ladders.

Improving Employee Productivity

Your employees are probably “on the clock”, and every minute they waste is a minute you could be charging to a job for another customer. Lost time is lost revenue.

When your workers arrive at a job site and set up their ladders, many thoughts are running through their minds, but safety is not likely at the forefront. You may even have given them specific training in ladder safety. But today they may well be “under the gun” to get this job finished and get to the next customer site. Depending on the terrain, it may take up to 10 minutes to properly set up a ladder, but today it may be expedient just to place a rock under one of the legs or skip the attachment of safety straps. While that may seem to save a little time, it may result in a costly accident – costly in both time and money.

Ladders with LeveLok levelers on them can be set up – safely and securely – in 3 to 5 seconds. Ladders can be secured to poles with our ladder lashes in a couple of minutes. And anyone can be trained to use any of our products correctly in less than 5 minutes.

Maximizing Reliability and Maintainability

It would be nice if you could buy a tool that never wore out. And even though each of our products has been designed to withstand severe punishment for long periods of time and painstakingly manufactured using industrial-strength materials and state-of-the-art technology, it will eventually wear out. (Although this may take some time. Our first production leveler units have been in continuous daily use since 1997!)

(If you’d like to read what AT&T said about our levelers, click here.)

When it comes time, most of our products can be repaired easily. We have partnered with ladder service companies such as Advanced Ladders, Batavia Services, Inc., Industrial Ladder, Nationwide Ladders and Ladder Doctor (specialists in serving utility companies) to provide convenient, reliable installation and repair of our ladders and leveler. (Note: these companies – and others like them – can save your company money by maintaining your ladders instead of merely replacing them. They can also install LeveLok levelers on your existing ladders.)

Life-Cycle Cost Savings

As you are undoubtedly aware, the true cost of any tool is not merely its purchase price – it is its life-cycle cost, which also includes its cost to maintain, plus expenses incurred due to its use, minus its resale (salvage) value.

Our products are designed and built to address each of these areas. Their reliability and long life will save you money, because you will not need to replace them for years. Their maintainability saves you money once again, because they can be economically repaired rather than requiring a replacement. And our products’ built-in safety features help prevent costly accidents.

More Information at Your Fingertips…

For ladder repair, we recommend Advanced Ladders, Batavia, Industrial Ladder, Nationwide Ladders and Ladder Doctor.

Thank you for considering LeveLok for your ladder safety needs. We’re looking forward to helping your company reach new heights in ladder safety!