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Verizon and Cox Communications Approve Levelok Permanent Mount Shoulder Pad

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After extensive field trials, Verizon and Cox Communications have approved the LeveLok Permanent Mount Shoulder Pad for use throughout their networks.

The LeveLok Permanent Mount Shoulder Pad is made entirely of a specially formulated foam that softens the surface of the ladder rail to reduce injuries and minimize wear on clothing. It’s also extremely strong and durable, it further provides excellent vibration and shock absorbency, according to levelok.com. It accommodates any shoulder size and shape, its beveled edges minimize interference with clothing and objects, which helps reduce wear and tear to a minimum, and it’s also waterproof. So its approval by Verizon and Cox to use throughout their networks is really no surprise at all.

This ladder safety product was designed to quickly attach, without tools, to almost any brand or type of ladder. The peel and stick adhesive, together with the unique material and shape of the pad has proven to be capable of handling all types of weather and worksite conditions. The shoulder pad is now approved and used by some of the largest utility companies in America, including Comcast, Charter Communications,Cox Communications, and of course, its most recent approval with Verizon.



The LeveLok Corporation was incorporated in 1995 with a vision to develop, manufacture and distribute high-reliability safety products to the utility, telecommunications and contracting industries. Today, the company distributes its products worldwide. LeveLok products are manufactured using cutting-edge, state-of-the-art machinery and manufacturing processes. For more information on LeveLok or its products, visit https://www.levelok.com/products/ladder-carrying/permanent-mount-shoulder-pad.html

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